Overview and passwords

Password format is username :: password where :: is just a separator.

mark2020  ::  rt64hhry1622

Photo gallery
2020gal    ::     20!gal!20BBu



site password: mark2020smith!!

email password: USw7Ak334swb

blog editor log in:

mark  ::  QM6y[gr6H+q

Facebook/Instagram TBD



Page Content

This database table controls what shows up on the site. Do not cut and paste from Word.

There is a bug in Safari that makes using the large editing box inconvenient. The cursor jumps to the top of the copy. Avoid adding any "extras" in the content. The fonts, colors, sizes, etc are managed by a global file and when applied in the editing box, it causes a mess. Avoid copying and pasting from Word documents. Word has hidden characters in its code and it often breaks the page. Just type in directly when editing.


Only delete those that are spam. Having a history of contacts often comes in handy when the person calls a few years later.

New projects

Each new project needs a new gallery set up so it can be entered into the project database. Biz will set up each gallery and page.

Add new photos in new photo gallery once set up by Biz.

Information about the project to be added into projects.

Information about each photo to be added in the gallery.

Biz will create a 500x500 size photo for the project page; create a new page for the portfolio, and make the link between the two.


The system has a sorting option. 9 is the top of the page and 1 is the bottom. There can be as many in each rating as you wish. A tip: Have only one "9" so that one is the best one and on top of the reviews page. Enter the number when you get a new review, or edit when you get a really good one to take# 9 position.

Update: Feb 18, create a form for reviews for past clients to fill out, with a "show" or "no show" option so reviews can be controlled.

Process: Send an email to a client to a review page https://ang-builders-va.com/review-request.php

cc Biz on response, so it can be set to "show" if a good review. The same form can be used to enter any postal mail reviews also.

The show no show doesn't update in the admin. To be addressed, or biz can set to show via database.


Enter the name of the affiliation, a brief description and upload a logo, and add a link. Use the full link and include https option.

Photo gallery

Each project has its own set up. When a new project is needed, Biz will set up a new gallery to use. This has to be done outside of the gallery admin area in order to have a separate page per project.

Each photo can have a title and a description for better search engine results. Please alert biz when you do so an extra back up can be made for the changes. If you make any changes, SAVE a LOT. Depending on your internet connection, you may timeout on an upload if your photos are too big. Biz is happy to upload a batch anytime you need it and then you can just add the titles and descriptions when you have time.

The image title can integrate the name of the city/state for better SEO. Example: Waterfront home exterior in Reston, VA. The image alt text isn't visible but is seen by search engines, so it can be waterfront home, Reston VA. The image description should be longer, and describe what is in the photo, with as much specific detail as possible. Use words that will help people using search engines to find your project. Think like a homeowner shopping for a home builder/home with specific values in mind, ie, size of home, location, style of home. Only change those items in the highlighted yellow box.

Remove any photos that are too close visually from others. Visitors won't examine each photo. Use only the best ones to keep page load time down.


Biz can review analytics. Another user can be added, but needs to have a gmail account or an email account joined to Google. TBD

Biz notes

WORKINPROGRESS for client input

To do:


train admin

Reviews: field flags for show no show; field transactions for sort, default 1 for bottom of list; bug... use db direct for show no show for now